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28 Constellations


What is 28 Constellations (二十八星宿)?


28 Constellations is one of the Chinese Astrology systems used as a divination method to foretell a person's Life Path or Destiny using a person's Date of Birth (in Lunar Calendar format).

What can we obtain from the 28 Constellations?

Through the 28 Constellations, one can get a sense of one's life path in terms of career, characters, wealth, love and marriages, health, and personalities.

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Groupings of the 28 Constellations

The 28 Constellations are classified into four main groups based on the directional Four Symbols (四象, Sìxiàng).

These four groups are the Eastern Azure/ Green Dragon (青龙, Qīnglóng), Northern Black Tortoise (玄武, Xuánwǔ), Western White Tiger (白虎, Báihǔ) and the Southern Red Vermilion Bird (朱雀, Zhūquè).

The names of each individual 28 Constellations are shown below.

Which 28 Constellations do you belong to?

To determine which of the 28 Constellations one belongs to, one must:

Step 1: Prepare the Date of Birth (in Lunar calendar format).

Example: if you are born in 09.09.1999 (Gregorian format), then your Date of  Birth (in Lunar calendar format) would be 七月 三十 ( Jul 30).

If you need assistance in converting your date of birth from Gregorian to Lunar calendar format, do watch this video.

Step 2: After obtaining the Date of Birth in Lunar Calendar format, visit HERE to determine which 28 Constellation one belongs to.

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