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About Me

Teacher Eric
BaZi | Chinese Metaphysics
Practitioner & Consultant

Hi! I'm Eric, the founder of and a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast and practitioner.

Feng Shui and other authentic Chinese metaphysics have long fascinated me. I am interested in studying how the natural flow of 'Qi' (Chi, ) or energy, which directly or indirectly affects the occupants of a living area.

And researching the real BaZi method (子平八字, zǐ píng bā zì) is my utmost passion! I am always impressed by how BaZi may help a person predict outcomes and interactions with incredible accuracy if used and practised appropriately. was founded to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for BaZi and other Chinese Metaphysics systems such as Feng Shui (风水), I-Ching (易经), Little Six Ren (小六壬), 28 Constellations (二十八星宿), and others. It is essentially a 'lab' that allows you to diagnose, comprehend, and experience the genuine components of your life path through the use of legitimate BaZi and Chinese Metaphysics systems. Furthermore, this website would serve as a platform for debunking some of the fallacies, irrelevant concepts, or beliefs in these systems that generate so much uncertainty and dread in a person's life.

If you're ready, let's get started exploring our Destiny right away!

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