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BaZi Insider Master Club

BaZi Insider Master Club helps those who want to dive deeper into learning and understanding BaZi and other forms of Chinese Metaphysics principles and divination methods to better helping you to understand your life path or Destiny. These include Feng Shui, I-Ching, Xiao Liu Ren, 28 Constellations and many more.

As a Member you will be able to access all our Members-only Exclusive Videos (in YouTube) that include detailed BaZi & Chinese Metaphysics principles and concepts presented in a simple-to-understand style. These videos include fundamental to more advanced levels of the teachings and you will become a Master as the time progresses.

On top of these exclusive videos, Members will also be able to download learning materials such as charts, e-books and more at our Master X-Clusive Materials library to further enhance your knowledge.

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