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What is Feng Shui (风水)?

Feng Shui (风水), often known as "Chinese Geomancy," is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics.

Feng Shui is the technique of analysing the energy or 'Qi' from the surroundings to determine if these energy forces are beneficial or detrimental to the residents of the living space. Feng Shui thus contributes to the creation of a Qi balance between the environment and the residents in order to promote health and wealth.

There are two kinds of Feng Shui schools.

They are the FORM School (形勢派/ 巒頭派), which concentrates on the external environment, such as mountains and rivers, as well as the shapes and structures that influence the occupants of a house.

Another option is COMPASS School (理气派), which concentrates on Qi equations and computations to determine favourable or unfavourable housing placements or directions.


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