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I-Ching Divination | 易经

The I-Ching (易经) is one of the world's oldest Chinese divination scriptures.

The I-Ching, commonly known as the 'Book of Changes,' has traditionally been used to forecast the future.

​Most notably, it is used as a Wisdom book, which is frequently referenced for advice and insight into human nature.

We may get life advice from the I-Ching.

There are numerous casting ways for acquiring hexagrams for I-Ching interpretation, with yarrow sticks being the most authentic.

The video below will walk you through the steps of I-Ching divination casting with yarrow sticks.

The video will also explain why yarrow sticks are used in I-Ching divination.

Image by Brennan Burling
I-Ching Divination Casting
Using of Yarrow Sticks Guidebook

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