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BaZi and Health Conditions

One of the applications in using BaZi is to get a sensing of the health condition of a person.

How does a BaZi practitioner do it?

We basically look at the Five Elements inside the BaZi Chart.

Each Five Element represents a particular organ of a body.

Wood represents the liver,

Fire represents the heart,

Earth represents the spleen,

Metal represents the lung, and

Water represents the kidneys.

So for those BaZi practitioners who know how to use the 5 Elements-10 Gods chart (as shown below), it would reflect a particular organ that would be heavily being ‘attacked’ and extremely weak. And if that Five Element is a Useful God (10 Gods) then ailments related to that organ would possibly be surfaced out; especially during those Luck Cycles that are not on your side.

Just to share, in addition to those Five Elements that are being attacked; those extremely strong Five Elements that are unable to depreciate their ‘Qi’ could also cause some potential health problems as well.

So during this COVID-19 pandemic, one has to take extremely good care if the Metal element (lung) is being attacked heavily and it is your Useful God; or the other way round of being extremely strong.

How accurate is this sensing method? I would say the accuracy rate is about  20~30% based on my personal experiences. Could be much lower if the BaZi chart was plotted out inaccurately (e.g. wrong time of birth, etc.)


So to conclude, as the human body is an extremely sophisticated system, do not purely depend on BaZi to determine one’s health conditions! Remember that BaZi is just a sensing aid, do visit a medical professional or qualified TCM if you are feeling unwell!

Stay well and be safe!

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