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Chop from the Heaven!

A friend a mine has sent me a nice photo of the sunset taken by his son (see below).

I told him in Feng Shui this is known as "Chop from the Heaven" 天斩煞(天堑煞) as it symbolizes a knife or an axe chopping through objects and became 2 slices. This is one form of 'Sha' (煞), an unfavorable and harmful effect or condition.

In the ancient book, this effect would be much harmful if you can see it chopping through your main entrance, back or both sides of the buildings. The effect would be greater if the buildings are taller (near to the 'heaven') and the scene is nearer to your house.

Some FS Masters would recommend you with some of their expensive FS gadgets like crystals, jade, pi-xiu and etc. to place directly in front of the scene to eliminate the 'Sha'; or else the members of the family would experience arguments, sickness, accidents, lost of wealth and etc.

How true is it?

FS is about the study of the environment factors affecting the households. When you see this scenario and very near to your windows, normally you would be experiencing 2 things. Strong sunlight projecting into your house that creates the unpleasant glaring effect and immense heat at certain time of the day or year. And from my personal experience and observation, strong gust of wind would also be directed into the house through the windows.

Why is this so?

In Science, this is quite similar to the Venturi effect i.e. the speeding of the flow of fluid, by constricting the size of the exit .Sounds familiar to you?

So how would this actually affecting you? If there is any unfavorable factors such as construction site near your building, most likely the dirt would be accumulating much faster and furiously (Venturi effect) into your house which causes sickness, sensible?

If sunlight keep focusing into your house at certain timing of the day, heat would build up and the glare would create discomfort to the people living in the house, what do you think would possibly happen? Yes, maybe arguments within family members would arise due to discomfort, or individuals can't sleep well which causes distraction in the day and causes accidents or lost of wealth by buying the wrong stocks?

So what would be the best solution? Would you buy expensive FS gadgets in 'blocking' the Sha or buying proper blinds to block off the Sha and investing in cheap fans to ventilate the room?

Disclaimer - this is purely my personal point of views and DOES NOT represent the majority of the FS Masters or practitioners outside. Cheers.

#fengshui #sha #天斩煞(天堑煞)

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