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What is 小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren)?

When people think of Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) or Kong Ming (孔明), one would surely remember how he used his Fingers-Pinching Method (插指一算) to foresee an outcome of an event.

How could he do it?

He was actually using a quick Chinese divination method known as the ‘Little Six Ren’ or 小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren). It is also known as ‘马前课’ (Ma Qian Ke) in some literatures meaning ‘lesson before the horse’. This ‘lesson’ is actually the divination carry out in front of a horse before a decision is being made.

小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren) is actually a smaller version of the ‘Big Six Ren’ or 大六壬 (Da Liu Ren) which is a much complexed system that require a longer time to process its outcome.

There is also a 中六壬 (Zhong Liu Ren) or 天罡掌诀 that is seldom known by practitioners.

You will then ask, how come 小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren) can yield a result that fast? It is because it uses only 6 essential stars for prediction.

These 6 stars are Big Auspicious (大安), Hasty Happiness (速喜), Little Auspicious (小吉), Hinderer (留連), Disputer (赤口) and Emptiness (空亡).

To know more about how to apply 小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren) in your daily lives, click here to watch the full video.

If you want a copy of the 小六壬 (Xiao Liu Ren) 6-Stars Explanation Guide, you can click

here to find out more.

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