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Ten Gods Personality & Character Attributes (十神性格)?

In BaZi, the words ‘Ten Gods’ (10 Gods, 十神 shí shén) are widely used for almost everything in the universe, be it tangible or intangible; existing or presently non-existing; both known or unknown that could have an effect on a person's life path or Destiny.

The 10 Gods consists of the followings:

  • Raid Fortune (劫财 jié cái)

  • My Pal (比肩 bǐ jiān)

  • Direct Talent (伤官 shāng guān)

  • Indirect Talent (食神 shí shén)

  • Direct Fortune (正财 zhèng cái)

  • Indirect Fortune (偏财 piān cái)

  • Direct Authority (正官 zhèng guān)

  • Indirect Authority (七杀 qī shā)

  • Direct Support (正印 zhèng yìn)

  • Indirect Support (偏印 piān yìn)

In authentic BaZi system, 10 Gods represent everything in our lives; from traits, actions, thoughts, behaviour, personality, things, phenomenon, objects, relationships, so on and so forth. It is almost impossible to list out everything that could possibly relate to the 10 Gods.

From BaZi, we can easily have a quick sensing of a person's personality and character traits just by looking at his or her 10 Gods. Each of the 10 Gods stands for a certain set of positive and negative personality and character traits of that person. So, the 10 Gods in a person's BaZi chart show their overall personality/character, including both their good qualities and their bad ones. If a person has a certain 10 God in their chart, they will have both the positive and negative traits that 10 God is known for. As in whether one would have more or less positive or negative traits will have to depend on whether that particular 10 God is ‘useful’ or not.

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