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Learning Authentic BaZi System


BaZi Insider Master Club

The BaZi Insider Master Club is a venue for anyone who wish to learn more about the true BaZi and other Chinese Metaphysics systems. Understanding one's Destiny allows one to foresee potential possibilities and be well-prepared to boost one's chances of success. One can also mitigate the effects of any accidents or situations that may arise along one's life path.

You will be able to watch our Members-only Exclusive Videos (on YouTube) that cover deep BaZi & Chinese Metaphysics ideas and concepts presented in an easy-to-understand format, depending on the sort of membership level you have. These videos would cover fundamental to advanced levels of teaching, assisting you to become a Master as time passes.

Members (BaZi Lovers level and above) will also be able to download learning materials such as charts, tables, e-books, and many more from our Master X-Clusive Materials collection to supplement their knowledge.

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BaZi Insider YouTube Channel


BaZi Insider is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching BaZi fundamentals and other Chinese Metaphysics-related topics.

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