About Us

iDestinyLab.com was established as a humble website in 2018 with the primary objective of imparting knowledge on BaZi and guiding individuals on how to utilize it to unravel the mysteries of their destinies. This endeavor was complemented by the creation of educational YouTube videos featured on my BaZi Insider channel. Subsequently, the platform expanded its scope to incorporate other Chinese metaphysics disciplines, such as 28 Constellations, Feng Shui, Xiao Liu Ren, and more.


As time progressed, a fundamental question emerged: given our ability to decode one's destiny through BaZi, is it possible to alter our destiny? In the realm of BaZi, the birth chart remains immutable, offering limited room for alteration. While Feng Shui can play a role in influencing life outcomes, it is not a guaranteed solution. The question of why this is the case prompted a rekindling of my interest in Buddhism in 2023.


Having revisited my Buddhist studies from secondary school, I rediscovered the profound concepts of ‘Cause and Effect' and Karma. I realized that BaZi essentially records the actions of past lives, and the BaZi birth chart reflects our ‘fruits’ created from our past Karma. Although we cannot change our past deeds, Buddhism teaches that by adhering to its principles, we can shape a different destiny for the future. Motivated by this insight, I launched a new YouTube channel named Buddhist Insider.


Consequently, the revamped iDestinyLab now features two distinct sections. For those seeking to decode their destiny through BaZi or gain insights into various Chinese metaphysical systems, the "Explore My Destiny" section is available.


Meanwhile, for individuals eager to understand the reasons behind their current life circumstances and learn how to improve or alter their life path or destiny, the "Change My Destiny" section.


I encourage you to explore the teachings of Buddhism on my YouTube channel, Buddhist Insider, as it aligns with the newfound understanding of destiny and change. With this two-fold approach, I aim to empower individuals to both know and transform their destinies.


May you be well and happy on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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